Mike Darter

For more than two decades, Mike Darter has been behind a badge. First as an officer for the Oklahoma City Police Department and then as the manager of the Department of Justice’s Violent Crimes Program covering North Texas and Oklahoma, he’s devoted his life and career to protecting and serving. When he took that oath and put his gun into its holster for the first time, he never expected that he would have to use it to save his own life. But in 1998, Mike was faced with the most difficult decision of this life. Thrust into the middle of a drug raid, he pulled the trigger of his weapon and shot a man in self-defense.

A decade of training in preparation was put to the test in an instant and his life was forever changed. Mike was forced to deal with the psychological impact attached to being involved in a traumatic incident where there was a loss of life. Not to mention the Public scrutiny and the toll on his family having to watch him go through the aftermath of his shooting. Fortunately, the shooting was ruled justified. Yet just when Mike began putting the pieces of his life back together, he was sued civilly in federal court, accused of wrongfully taking a life.

As a member of the Fraternal Order of Police, his $250k in legal fees resulting from a year-long court battle were covered. That extraordinary support alleviated the stress and financial burden that are often associated with a lawsuit. After 21 years of serving in a law enforcement capacity, Mike made the decision to retire. He recognized that he would no longer have that support if forced into another deadly shooting incident after retirement. Identifying that there was a void in the self-defense coverage industry, Mike realized the need to create a service that matched the response and resources provided to him while on the police department. He found it necessary to ensure that other retired officers and concealed carriers who found themselves facing criminal and civil cases resulting from self-defense could obtain the level of help they need without being overwhelmed by mental distress and mounting legal fees.

That help is CCW Safe.

Since the company opened its doors in 2012, the company has defended several cases on behalf of its members, including Steve Maddox, the first concealed carrier in the industry to be charged with murder resulting from a self-defense shooting. After entrusting CCW Safe with his defense, Mr. Maddox was able to win this landmark case, without the burden of over $350K in legal fees, and more importantly, without the weight that comes with taking on an entire justice system alone. With CCW Safe, officers and concealed carriers can protect and defend themselves with the assurance that CCW Safe will always do the same for them.

Now positioned as the most comprehensive national model in the industry, CCW Safe continues to enroll members of law enforcement, military and citizens in its groundbreaking self-defense coverage service. From legal defense aid to peer support to navigating the psychological impact of a deadly force incident, CCW Safe has got you covered.

Learn more about Mike and his team at www.ccwsafe.com.