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The Best Event Management Platform For Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person Events

The vFairs event management platform offers technology and solutions for every aspect of every event. Enhance your planning process, build an immersive onsite or online experience, market your event more effectively, or capture important data about your audience with our flexible feature suite.

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Experience Hassle-free Management with the vFairs Event Planning Software


Virtual Events

Engage your global audience by using the highly interactive vFairs virtual event management software. Featuring best-in-class networking, engagement and 5-star customer service!

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In-person Events

Elevate your in-person event experience with vFairs’ mobile app and onsite event technology. Simplify event check-in, design & print badge, facilitate networking & lead capture and more!

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Hybrid Events

Host two exceptional experiences for onsite and online attendees with one hybrid event platform with an easy setup.

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Event Registration & Ticketing

  • Capture attendee data through customized event registration forms.
  • Create tiered user segments and provide different levels of access to your event’s content.
  • Showcase your brand with a personalized landing page that provides all event details.
  • Integrate with top payments providers like Stripe and Paypal to collect ticket payments.

Onsite Check-In & Badge Printing

  • Offer quick onsite check-in through QR code scanning.
  • Set up onsite self-serve check-in kiosks for attendees.
  • Automatically print personalized badges in seconds, including personal QR contact codes.
  • Create beautiful custom-designed badges with your event or company branding.

Branded Mobile Event App

  • Design a seamless mobile app user experience by selecting themes, visuals, home screen components, and content.
  • Upload and manage content, assets, and visuals with ease for all types of events.
  • Create event agendas, and allow attendees to personalize their own session agendas.
  • Set up a floor plan and virtual exhibit booths for attendees and exhibitors to easily find each other and interact.
  • Gamify your event with leaderboards and QR-based scavenger hunts!

Virtual Event Platform

  • Create immersive virtual events through custom 2D or 3D designs.
  • Set up virtual auditoriums where attendees can view sessions and agendas, and manage their own personalized agenda.
  • Create a virtual exhibit hall featuring interactive exhibit booths, where exhibitors can interact with attendees and share documents for download.
  • Keep online attendees engaged by gamifiying your event through scavenger hunts, leaderboards, trivia and polls.

Hybrid Event Platform

  • Offer two event experiences, onsite and online, through one unified platform.
  • Create a virtual event that mirrors your onsite experience, to keep online attendees connected.
  • Enhance the onsite experience through our check-in and badge printing, branded mobile app, and onsite tech activations.
  • Enable onsite and online attendees to network by communicating through the same platform.
  • Track attendee preferences across onsite and online audiences to get a full picture of your event’s outcomes.

Event Analytics

  • Easily monitor real-time user logins, online attendees, and traffic trends within the virtual venue.
  • Analyze attendee engagement by assessing the popularity of content, webinars, gamification, polls, and surveys.
  • Transfer data to your own database to monitor the quantity and quality of orders, leads, and applications generated during the event.
  • Gain valuable behavioral insights from your events to enhance your business intelligence.
  • Export/download reports for further evaluation post-event.

Event Marketing

  • Create beautiful custom landing pages to capture audience interest and lead them to register.
  • Customize your event domain or use a subdomain of vFairs for branding purposes.
  • Boost attendance with AI-powered email marketing tools for automated pre-, during, and post-event promotions.
  • Offer customizable packages to enhance visibility, audience insights, and lead generation opportunities for your sponsors, exhibitors, and event partners.
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Empower All Your Events With Our Customizable Event Management System.

Our custom-built events are designed to have a significant impact, whether you're hosting a conference, job fair, trade show, exhibition, or any other event type.



Establish an interconnected community where attendees can freely share knowledge and expand their networks through in-person interactions, on-the-go engagements, or virtual connections.

Virtual Conference

Trade Shows

Attract exhibitors, stimulate lead generation, and construct a robust sales pipeline, whether it's through virtual, in-person or hybrid means. Drive leads and sell more!

Virtual Trade Shows

Hiring Fairs

Elevate your event experience by facilitating employer and candidate interactions through on-site, virtual, or hybrid means. Enhance your talent pool by boosting job vacancy visibility and bridging the gap between the company and prospective employees.

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Education Fairs

Assist universities and colleges in effectively communicating information to potential students through an interactive and captivating educational fair. Educate prospective students on various aspects of campus life, such as faculty, academic programs, and student experience.

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Open Days

Offer students an opportunity to experience campus life, attend discussions, sample lectures, and interact with professors through a user-friendly and convenient open-day platform.

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Onboarding Fairs

Immerse both office and remote staff in your organizational culture by conducting training sessions in-person, virtually or hybrid.

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1500+ Ecstatic Customers Can’t Be Wrong


“vFairs solving badge printing and mobile app as well as leads for our sponsors. The main function is certainly badge printing. This allows us to have people quickly scan in and print the needed badge upon entry.”

Dillon F.
Digital Designer

“vFairs is an amazing virtual platform to host events. The animation and site capabilities present a professional appearance for businesses/organizations to have a successful event. The customer service and support were phenomenal, and the extra steps they took to ensure that all staff was comfortable navigating through the platform were beneficial, to say the least.”

Salesia H.
Vice President of Behavioral Health

“We have always had an issue that attending an in-person event is limiting all the professionals that can take advantage of the resources we offer. vFairs showed us that we can triple our attendance and still engage with the professionals while hosting virtually. We can consider speakers from all over the world now that travel and logistics are no longer a concern.”

Laura N.
Director of Community Relations

“The challenge we have is needing to offer a hybrid option for the Rural LISC Seminar where the virtual attendees could have a similar sense of being in the room, networking, and hearing from the speakers and experts. vFairs offered all of this and extra aspects we had not considered, like virtual networking rooms and a customized virtual setting with avatar-like people.”

Kjestine W.
Program Officer

“The challenge we have is needing to offer a hybrid option for the Rural LISC Seminar where the virtual attendees could have a similar sense of being in the room, networking, and hearing from the speakers and experts. vFairs offered all of this and extra aspects we had not considered, like virtual networking rooms and a customized virtual setting with avatar-like people.”

Kjestine W.
Program Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Event Platform & why does it matter?

An event platform is a software solution designed to manage and streamline various aspects of event planning and execution, such as ticketing, registration, scheduling, networking, and analytics. It matters because it can save time and effort for event organizers, provide a better experience for attendees, and help achieve event objectives.

What is the best platform for online events?

The best platform for online events depends on the specific needs and goals of the event. Some essential features include reliable and user-friendly event software for hosting the event, interactive tools to engage and communicate with attendees, and robust analytics to measure event success and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, technical support and a well-planned marketing strategy can also contribute to the success of a virtual event.

vFairs is a powerful virtual, hybrid and in-person event management solution that helps you create successful events. You can easily plan, create and promote your events with vFairs. vFairs also offers a myriad of tools to enhance networking and engagement. All of this and much more make vFairs one of the best online event software.

How do you get started with vFairs Event Management software?

You can get started with the vFairs event management solution by contacting them on the website for a demo.

Is there a Free Trial for the vFairs Event Management Platform?

No, vFairs does not offer a free trial for the event management software.

Does vFairs also offer Event Planning services?

No, vFairs does not offer event planning services. It provides event management solutions that enable organizers to plan, host, and analyze virtual, in-person and hybrid events. An efficient project management team is available to assist you in case of any technical issue or query.

What is event management system software?

An event management system software is a technology that automates and simplifies the processes involved in event planning and execution. It typically includes features such as event registration, ticketing, networking, analytics, and event marketing. These solutions can be used for various types of events, including conferences, job fairs, trade shows, and more.

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