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Connect With Customers In A Whole New Way With Our Virtual Trade Show Platform

  • Showcase products to a global audience
  • Replicate traditional trade show experience
  • Engage with potential customers in real-time
  • Reach a wider audience
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Connects Local & Global Audiences With vFairs Hybrid Conference Solutions

Build a borderless community where attendees share knowledge and network in-person, on-the-go, or remotely. Pair our powerful mobile app, virtual platform and onsite technology into one custom hybrid conference platform.

Hybrid Conference Features That Power Two Experiences

Our hybrid conference features are built to merge virtual and in-person experiences into immersive real-time events. Bring your attendees together no matter where they are and help them network through interactive 3D environments, engagement tools, and valuable content.

Crafting the Perfect Blend of Virtual and On-Site Event Experiences

Event Phase

  • Pre-Event
  • During Event
  • Post Event
  • In-Person
  • Virtual

Custom landing page, AI-powered event marketing, email module, event ticketing, event registration, payments integrations, mobile event app, user management, sponsorship packages, exhibitor management

QR check-ins, self check-in kiosks, badge printing, engagement hotspots (TVs for social media wall or live photobooth, live QR scavenger hunts), on-site support, event safety protocols Custom virtual environment builder, Project management support, live footage of the event

Virtual exhibit halls, poster halls, webinars, networking, event gamification, customer support, accessibility features, sponsorships, integrations, speaker sessions, personalized agendas, document hosting, notifications, live event feed, real-time attendance & traffic reports

Venue maps, On-site tech support, QR-based lead retrieval & contact exchange 3D virtual environment, , meeting scheduler, breakout rooms, live chats, smart matchmaking, virtual leaderboard, virtual photo booth

Reporting dashboards, email marketing, analysis, individual user journeys, exhibitors’ statistics

On-site tech support End-to-end project support

Why Host a Hybrid Conference with vFairs?

Create a space for the attendees to access learning resources, attend live sessions and network easily, whether they’re onsite or online. With a hybrid conference, they are in control of their time, schedule, and comfort.

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Top Features of the vFairs Hybrid Conference Platform

Have a look at some of the most impactful features that’ll help you engage users and execute a successful conference.

Help Attendees Find People Fast

Build and nurture connections through user search and matchmaking features. Give attendees a chance to ask questions, start conversations and learn from thought leaders.

Dial Up Attendee Participation

Conferences are so much more than talking shop. Use engagement tools like leaderboard and live polls to keep the attendees invested in the hybrid experience.

Get All Your Event Data In One Dashboard

Take a deep dive into event analytics that pull your onsite and online data into one single platform. Track real-time audience behaviors, export post-event stats, and share your wins with your team, host, and sponsors.

Enjoy 24/7 Dedicated Support

Our #1 rated customer support team has your back. From onboarding to post-event analytics, we help you get things done and ensure your hybrid conference is a success.

Benefits of Hosting a Hybrid Conference with vFairs

Global Reach

Gather people from around the world to share insights in-person or remote

Accessibility & Equity

Give everyone a seat at the table to ensure equal representation

Fully Customizable

Design a personalized event that aligns with your goals

Reliable 24/7 Support

Save yourself the hassle by using our top-notch customer support


Allow users to join using any device of their choice

Host Hybrid Conferences With the Leading Provider on G2

With around 1415 reviews, vFairs is rated 4.7 out of 5 on G2 with a majority raving about our incredible customer service. We don’t brag but our customers surely do!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our customers trust us to help them deliver a worthwhile experience to attendees no matter where they are. Use our hybrid conference platform to connect, collaborate and empower like-minded people. Don’t take our word for it, hear it from our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you host a hybrid conference?

You can host a hybrid conference by setting your goals, understanding your audience, and choosing a reliable hybrid conference platform.

What is a hybrid event platform?

A hybrid event platform is a software like vFairs that allows you to conduct an event such as a hybrid conference by engaging online and in-person attendees simultaneously in real-time.

What is needed for a hybrid conference?

You need a user-friendly hybrid conference platform to help you conduct the event including webinars, presentations, translations, and networking activities.

What is the best platform to host a hybrid conference?

The best platform to host a hybrid conference is one that aligns with your event goals and provides adequate features to undertake the activities you’ve planned out for a delightful experience.

How do you have a successful hybrid conference?

You must prepare in advance to ensure you execute the event and provide maximum attendee satisfaction. Start by identifying your goals. Once you’ve clarity, you must find the right hybrid conference platform to conduct the event.

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