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  • Showcase products to a global audience
  • Replicate traditional trade show experience
  • Engage with potential customers in real-time
  • Reach a wider audience
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Generate Leads & Convert Your Prospects Into Customers With Virtual Trade Fair Solutions

An all-in-one virtual trade show platform to attract new customers and drive business goals.

vFairs Virtual Trade Show Feature Set

Our online trade shows can help you attract exhibitors, drive lead generation, and build the sales pipeline.

Why Host a Virtual Trade Show

A virtual trade show run by vFairs is the perfect multi-functional space to drive online leads and sell more.

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Top Features of the vFairs Virtual Trade Show Platform

Here are our most impactful features that can help you deliver a successful online trade show.

Collect Orders with Our Virtual Shopping Cart

Get selling with a product order form. Visitors can review exhibitor products and add orders to their cart from within the booths.

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Auto-match with Compatible Attendees

Answer a few questions and get auto-matched with compatible users. Help exhibitors proactively scout potential customers.

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Showcase Products With a Custom Exhibit Booth

Let your exhibitors upload product catalogs, product demo videos and other resources to their branded exhibit booths. They can also link out to product landing pages.

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Join Fun Roundtables

Join a roundtable that interests you the most, and use the camera & mic for an intimate networking experience. A great way to unwind after the event with fun conversations.

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Close Deals with Online Trade Show Meeting Features

Our built-in meeting scheduler lets visitors set up audio and video meetings with company representatives. Exhibitors can also reach out to attendees to request meetings.

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Interact Freely with Spatial Network

Walk around different spaces and engage with others in an immersive virtual environment. The perfect way to enhance social interaction.

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Generate Leads with Attendee Profile Search

Find prospects with our attendee profile search tool. Whether you’re looking for buyers in a specific industry or attendees with certain interests. If they’ve shared it, you can search it!

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Give Attendees Exclusive Access

Give your higher-tier attendees a unique experience by granting them access to exclusive virtual lobbies, halls & lounges in your trade show event.

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Benefits of Using the vFairs Virtual Trade Show Platform

Global Reach

Connect exhibitors to interested buyers from all corners of the world

Attract Exhibitors & Sponsors

Offer maximum visibility & exposure with custom event spaces and booths

Higher ROI

Receive product orders from right within the trade show platform

24/7 Support

Enjoy end-to-end support with a dedicated project team

Data Tracking

Track metrics such as booth visits, downloads, video views & chat activity

Virtual Trade Show Guide

Find out how a you can turn prospects into profits with our virtual trade show guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up a virtual tradeshow?

We recommend giving your team at least four weeks to set up a vFairs virtual tradeshow. This includes everything from event planning and software onboarding to event design and content upload.

How many booths can I have for my tradeshow?

You can have unlimited booths at your vFairs virtual tradeshow and our team works with you every step of the way to set them up. We’ve successfully hosted events with over 1000 booths.

What kind of content can exhibitors add to their tradeshow booths?

They can add company info, product listings, manuals, videos, external links, and even custom HTML content. Additionally, each booth is virtually administered by a rep from the exhibiting company.

How many attendees can vFairs support?

vFairs supports unlimited registrations.

How long can the tradeshow stay live for?

It can stay live for as long as you want. You can get a yearly license to keep your event live for the entire year. You can also renew it to keep it live indefinitely.

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