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Connect With Customers In A Whole New Way With Our Virtual Trade Show Platform

  • Showcase products to a global audience
  • Replicate traditional trade show experience
  • Engage with potential customers in real-time
  • Reach a wider audience
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Rev Up Demand Generation With a Virtual Auto Show

Generate leads and showcase new lineups to car dealerships and buyers around the world with a feature-packed virtual auto show.

Virtual Motor Show Feature Set

vFairs’ virtual auto show platform offers all the right tools to showcase your latest models to an audience worldwide.

 Why Host a Virtual Auto Show?

Release your new line of vehicles to a global market. vFairs platform lets you showcase your product, network and collect orders on the spot!

Host Virtual Motor Show

Top Features of vFairs Virtual Motor Show

Browse our most sought after features that can help you host a winning virtual auto show

Showcase New Vehicles in Multiple Formats

Design customized booths to showcase your vehicles. Add custom graphics and content, links to social media and product pages, and select virtual avatars of your choice

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Meet with Prospects and Leads

Give attendees and sales reps the opportunity to chat through text, audio or video chat. Let attendees schedule 1:1 meetings with sales reps in order to learn more.

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Create a Fully Branded Virtual Environment

Create a custom landing page and virtual venue that put your vehicles front and center. Increase brand visibility through virtual banners and other branding opportunities.

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Visualize Attendee Preferences

Break down exactly what attendees are interested in through our in-depth reporting. Follow individual user journeys, traffic trends throughout the event, and more.

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Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Motor Show

Global Reach

Market your automobiles to a global audience of car enthusiasts and buyers

Informative Content

Offer interactive and informative content for attendees to browse

Versatile Networking

Sales reps can find, connect and meet with leads a variety of ways

Customer Service

The vFairs team helps you manage your event from end to end

Insightful Data

Capture valuable user data to help inform sales and marketing plans

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