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Connect Your Alumni Worldwide with A Virtual Alumni Networking Fair

Help your new graduates and long standing alumni develop professional relationships through a virtual networking fair.

Virtual Networking Event Feature Set

vFairs’ virtual event networking features help your global alumni body build and develop professional networks.

Why Host a Virtual Alumni Networking Fair?

Connect a global alumni network on a user-friendly platform. vFairs’ alumni networking events will help alumni build contacts and easily find career and business opportunities. 

Host Virtual Networking Fair

Top Features of a Virtual Alumni Networking Platform

Ensure your school’s online networking fair is successful with these top features.

Advanced Networking

Your alumni can connect over text, audio or video chat within the virtual networking event platform. You can also take your event across channels with our social media wall integrations like

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 Profile Search and Filter

Your alumni can fill in their user profiles, and find other users based on interests, job titles, region, etc. using our profile search and filter functions.

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Webinar Sessions

Host multiple webinars on useful topics and use Q&A sessions to keep your alumni engaged. We offer live, semi-live and pre-recorded webinars for more flexibility.

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Attendee Matchmaking

Facilitate networking between alumni through speed networking, user profile suggestions and more.

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Event Gamification

Keep your alumni coming back for more with our gamification features. You can host live leaderboards, scavenger hunts and trivia to keep your audience on their toes.

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Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Alumni Networking Fair

Global Reach

Your alumni around the world can join from any device

Versatile Networking Options

Attendees have multiple options to connect however they want

Highly Engaging

Keep everyone interested through ice-breakers, games, and more

Renowned Customer Service

Rest easy thanks to our end-to-end project management and 24/7 support

Accessible to All

Remove physical barriers so the event is available to everyone

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Alumni Networking
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I host an alumni event?

Alumni events can be hosted as one-time events – such as mixers, networking events, and job fairs – or hosted as long-term events where alumni can visit at their leisure to get updates and chat with others in the alumni network. vFairs offers a flexible platform where you can host both one-time events and long-term events!

Why are alumni events important?

Events are an important part of any alumni network program, as they keep alumni connected to their alma mater and to each other. They provide members opportunities to find meaningful employment, connect on personal interests and experiences, and keep networks tied to the school long-term.

What are examples of alumni events?

Alumni events can include one-time events such as networking hours, job fairs, and benefits fairs, or can be hosted long-term through an online portal like vFairs. These long-term events host important information about alumni benefits, discounts, networking and job opportunities, and school updates.

How do I promote alumni events?

Email marketing, social media marketing and referral marketing are popular ways to promote alumni events, however your unique event strategy will depend on how your alumni network prefers to be communicated with. For more information on event marketing, read this guide.

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