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Host a Virtual Education Fair In Hong Kong

Connect Schools and Students with a Virtual Education Fair

Help universities and colleges share information with prospective students with an engaging, virtual education fair.

vFairs Virtual Education Fair Features

Our virtual college fair features help you educate prospective students about your campus, faculty, academic programs and student life.

Why Host a Virtual Education Fair?

vFairs offers schools access to a larger pool of prospective students than possible with in-person events. Showcase your programs to students based anywhere in the world.

Host Virtual Education Fair

Top Features of the vFairs Virtual Education Fair Platform

Here are our most sought after vFairs features that can help you deliver a winning online education fair.

Build Student Database

Capture data with a custom registration form to build a student database. School recruiters can then search for prospective students that meet their criteria and reach out.

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Promote Schools

Let your participating schools brand their booths with logos, graphics and marketing collateral and link out to their website and social media pages.

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Host Interactive Presentations

Host webinars with live Q&As and polls to inform students about programs, faculty and student life. Also host sessions on the next steps in the college search process.

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Facilitate Student and School Interaction

Help schools connect at your virtual college fair through text, audio or video chat. School recruiters and students can request meetings to learn more about each other.

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Auto Match with Like-minded Students

Engage with students with similar thoughts from all around the world. Have interesting conversations and make long-lasting connections!

Participate in Fun Chats at Roundtables

Help students join roundtables of their interests. A great way to connect with other students worldwide and have memorable experiences.

Network Freely with Spatial Connect

Help students network freely in a flexible, 3D virtual environment. Allow them to strike-up random conversations during the fair!

Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Education Fair with vFairs

Higher Attendance

Get access to a larger pool of schools and prospective students

Networking Opportunities

Connect schools and students through chat and networking features

Host Content

Share webinars, documents, videos, and more information

Stellar Support

Set up your event without any hassle with end-to-end project support

Measure Success

Track booth visits, webinars views, chat activity and more to measure ROI

Virtual College Fair Guide

Looking to host a interactive digital space for your students? Here is our virtual college fair guide to get you started.

Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Education Fair with vFairs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up a virtual education fair?

We recommend giving your team at least four weeks to set up a vFairs virtual education fair. This includes everything from event planning and software onboarding to event design, content upload, and trial runs.

How long can a virtual education fair last?

Your vFairs virtual education fair can stay live for as long as you like. That means you can also keep it live for up to a year by purchasing our yearly license.

How many schools, exhibitors, and attendees can vFairs support?

vFairs can support unlimited booths and attendee registrations.

How do you navigate a virtual college fair?

On the day of the event, attendees log in to the virtual college fair website and access a virtual venue with an exhibitor floor. After heading to the floor, they can scroll through multiple college booths, explore prospectuses, talk to school reps, and apply for programs.

How do you make a virtual campus tour?

Start with a panoramic view of the outside view of the campus. Capture indoor videos of all the key buildings that students will be interested in. Highlight the amenities and resources.

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