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Unleash the power of your virtual, in-person and hybrid educational events with vFairs. Explore admissions, campus tours, staff hiring, and academic research through our cutting-edge all-in-one event management software.

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Unlock Opportunities by Connecting, Educating, or Hiring at Your Next Education Event

Transform your academic events with vFairs school event management software. From research presentations to 1:1 meetings, customizable booths, and roundtables for networking, we have it all covered.

Automate Your Registration Process with Event Registration & Ticketing

  • Customize your registration form with custom fields and questions using the drag-and-drop form builder.
  • Strengthen your brand recognition with event ticketing software and make your event easily discoverable by creating a custom URL.
  • Offer bulk registration for attendee groups.
  • Utilize LinkedIn’s Community Builder to increase event attendance and improve attendance rates.
  • Streamline email marketing campaigns with an AI-assistant that reduces time-to-market.

Host & Manage Presentations Onsite and Online

  • Present posters and conduct educational webinars with live, on-demand and semi-live sessions.
  • Track personalized agendas and onsite session check-ins through the mobile app.
  • Set up breakout rooms, polls, Q&As, chat functionality, and more.
  • Seamlessly integrate with popular platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Restream, and others.
  • Ensure inclusivity by adding web accessibility features like subtitles, live translations, and video transcription.

Enhance Exhibitor Visibility with a Fully Customizable Booth

  • Provide university representatives and sponsors with dedicated space within the event platform to showcase their offerings.
  • Select from pre-designed booth layouts or create a custom design tailored to specific needs.
  • Make the application process easier for candidates by showcasing all your openings with a live job board.
  • Let attendees have 1:1 discussions with representatives.
  • Upload content like brochures and demo videos.
  • Filter out candidates and find the best talent by incorporating specialized features like built-in resume search.

Deliver Convenience to In-person Attendees with Onsite Event Technology

  • Offer quick onsite check-in through mobile app QR code scanning.
  • Convert any device into a self-check-in kiosk e.g. tablet, iPhone, etc.
  • Automatically print personalized badges and lanyards in seconds, including personal QR contact codes.
  • Create eye-catching custom-designed badges with your event or company branding.
  • Help students navigate easily through an interactive floor map.
  • Track session and booth check-ins through the mobile app.

Boost Attendee Engagement through Interactive Elements

  • Boost student participation via interactive features like virtual/onsite scavenger hunts, leaderboards, trivia, social media wall, photo booth, etc.
  • Facilitate real-time student interaction by enabling live polling and audience response systems.
  • Collect student feedback through embedded surveys for each session.
  • Provide engaging learning opportunities through virtual breakout sessions and workshops.
  • Acknowledge participation by providing in-event certificates to students for different activities.

Foster Connections with Innovative Networking Tools

  • Offer seamless networking by enabling students to engage in 1:1 chats, group chats, and an audio/video conference for education events.
  • Let attendees and speakers connect and interact in dedicated networking lounges, speaker hubs and roundtable conferences.
  • Offer onsite attendees QR code contact exchange with mobile app.
  • Let students book appointments with representatives using the meeting scheduler in the exhibit booths.
  • Assist hiring managers in keeping track of ongoing and upcoming conversations with chat queuing.

Track Event Performance with In-depth Event Analytics

  • Track document downloads, video views, booth visits and more in real-time.
  • Get access to a real-time dashboard showing detailed user journeys.
  • Evaluate your event’s performance through in-depth insights into registrations, logins, session attendance and webinar engagement.
  • Share reports with partners, sponsors and exhibitors.

All-in-One Event Management Software for Universities

Facilitate meaningful connections between university reps, students, and departments, while capturing invaluable engagement data. From personalized 1:1 meetings to orientation sessions, unlock a world of opportunities.

Education Fair

Help universities and colleges share information with prospective students with an engaging, education fair.

Job Fairs

Find top talent, search and filter resumes and conduct interactive screening interviews right from within the platform

Career Fairs

Broaden talent outreach, enhance job visibility, and foster connections between your company and prospective employees

Open Days

Showcase your campus, programs and faculty to prospective students and attract admissions applicants.


“vFairs is cost-effective and allows us to interact with many more students than an in-person event would enable us to impact. This online event lasts six months with greater exposure to more career and education opportunities than a one-day in-person event provides.”

Abby P.
Director of Education - Small-Business

“vFairs is an easy and simple platform to run my company's virtual fairs. From education fairs to career fairs, the system and vFairs team make running virtual fairs a walk in the park. I especially like the step-by-step instructions on how to customize the virtual booths as it clearly shows what everything is and how it will turn out once completed.”

Verified User in Higher Education

“What I like best is the ability to host our annual education job fair online and that the platform allows for an unlimited number of school districts (employers) and candidates (attendees) to interact with each other via chat or video saving valuable time, money, and travel!”

Todd L.
Owner - Small-Business

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Can I host a variety of higher education events with vFairs college registration software?

Yes, vFairs is designed to accommodate various higher education events, including job fairs, career fairs, open days, academic research conferences, and more. vFairs all-in-one event management features can cater to different event types and requirements.

Is vFairs university event management software suitable for both virtual and in-person events?

Absolutely! vFairs offers the flexibility to host virtual, in-person, or hybrid events, making it a versatile academic platform for universities and educational institutions. You can seamlessly choose the event type based on your event needs and preferences.

How does vFairs streamline event registration and ticketing processes?

With vFairs, you can automate event registration through a customizable form builder, create a custom URL for easy discovery, and offer bulk registration for attendee groups. Additionally, the platform utilizes LinkedIn's Community Builder to increase event attendance and optimize email marketing campaigns.

What features does vFairs offer for managing presentations both onsite and online?

vFairs empowers you to present posters, conduct webinars (live, on-demand, or semi-live), set up breakout rooms, polls, Q&As, and more. The platform seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Restream, ensuring a smooth presentation experience for attendees.

How can vFairs enhance exhibitor visibility during university events?

vFairs provides university representatives and sponsors with dedicated space within the event platform to showcase their offerings. You can choose from pre-designed booth layouts or create custom designs tailored to specific needs. Additionally, the platform allows candidates to engage in 1:1 discussions with representatives and explore job opportunities through a live job board.

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