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Host Virtual Graduation Fairs In Hong Kong

Celebrate Your Students with a Virtual Graduation Ceremony

Host an unforgettable online ceremony that lets your school, graduating students and parents interact, network and celebrate.

Virtual Graduation Ceremony Features

vFairs’ virtual graduation fair platform offers everything you need to make your students’ big day a truly memorable experience.

Why Host A Virtual Graduation Ceremony?

Let graduating students and their families from around the world share in the excitement and celebrate together.

Host Virtual Graduation Ceremony

Top Features of a Virtual Graduation Ceremony Platform

Ensure your online grad ceremony’s success with these top features.

Broadcast Your Live Ceremonies

Broadcast your commencement ceremony, award presentations, valedictorian speeches and more to a live virtual audience. Then, offer them on-demand for graduates to visit later.

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Use Custom Visuals & 3D Designs

Immerse your students with a custom virtual environment that simulates your campus, a lifelike virtual auditorium, and virtual avatars dressed in caps and gowns.

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Memorialize the Event

Offer a virtual photo booth where students can download custom photos and share them to social media. Upload your virtual yearbook for students to look through and download for later.

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Accept Orders for Merchandise

Upload your product photos and descriptions and facilitate purchase by hosting a shopping cart facility in your event.

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Manage Attendance

Make your event exclusive by restricting access via single-sign-on services or using an email whitelist to ensure only your invited guests are participating.

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Get Reports & Feedback

Measure what sessions and activities were popular among graduates and parents. Take on-site surveys and get feedback to improve future events.

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Benefits of a Virtual Graduation Ceremony

On-Demand Content

Live stream your ceremony and make it available on demand post-event

Attract Notable Speakers

Attract notable speakers from around the world to your ceremony

Highly Interactive

Create a celebratory environment with fun and engaging online activities

Versatile Networking

Connect students, faculty and families via chat, video calls and more

Accessible to Everyone

Let everyone enjoy the day, regardless of ability.

Virtual Graduation Fair Guide

Kickstart your journey to hosting the most exciting virtual graduation fair with our guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up a virtual graduation fair?

We recommend giving your team at least four weeks to set up a vFairs virtual graduation fair. This includes everything from event planning and software onboarding to event design, content upload, and trial runs.

How many students and attendees can vFairs support?

vFairs can support unlimited registrations.

How do you navigate a virtual graduation fair?

On the day of the event, attendees log in to the college website to access their virtual campus. They head to the main hall to watch the convocation proceedings. After that, they can connect with peers from the networking lounge, make memories from the photobooth, play games, and make memories.

What should be included in a virtual graduation?

An immersive and engaging ceremony hosted in a virtual hall that is rendered after your campus, a photobooth to take photos with your family and friends, a poster hall for high achievers, networking lounges, games, and a virtual afterparty.

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