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Abstract Management Software For Events In Hong Kong

An All-In-One Abstract Management Software To Streamline Your Conference Hosting

Collect papers, assign them to peers, and seamlessly publish them at your vFairs conference - all through a single platform.

Pull Together Great Content for Your Event with an Abstract Management Platform

Innovate the call for papers process for your next conference with this intuitive and novel solution. Increase submissions with a streamlined process, enable single and double-blinded peer reviews, and get more control over the content displayed at your conference.

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Why Choose vFairs Abstract Management Software?

We offer an all-in-one abstract management solution that will facilitate you from the minute you send out your call for papers to publishing them at your conference. It’s simpler, quicker, and much more convenient because there are no third-party tools involved. You get to manage your submissions, reviewers, and your entire conference, all through the same platform!

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Manage the Full Process with These Abstract Management Features

Here are some of the most impactful features that will help you host an engaging and successful conference.

Collect More Abstracts with Far Less Hassle

Remove all the fuss from your call to papers process by creating a highly customizable abstract submission form. Authors can upload presentations, abstracts, videos, or other media easily through the form simplifying the entire process.

Seamlessly Manage Reviewer Assignments

Once you have all your submissions, you can assign peers to each through the backend. Manage all your peers and submissions through a single dashboard and assign multiple reviewers to the same paper.

Create a Transparent Review Process

The abstract management software empowers single and double-blinded peer reviews so you can make the process clear and transparent for all. You choose what information about the author is visible to the peers as they review submissions.

Control Which Topics You Showcase

Only the accepted submissions will become a part of your event agenda giving you complete control over the topics and quality of content you showcase at your conference.

Create Better User Experiences

Assign abstracts to various reviewers easily based on their expertise and manage all users through the backend. Simplify the login process for peers by creating direct login links for peers so they can quickly get to the list of submissions assigned to them.

Keep All Participants in the Loop

Authors and reviewers will always know the status of their applications and submissions through automated email notifications. Emails are generated at the time of successful submission, acceptance, or rejection of abstracts.

Host Epic Conferences with the Best-In-Class Event Management

The abstract review and management process moves you a step further in hosting a successful conference with vFairs. Take care of event ticketing, virtual or onsite management, pre and post-event promotions, and event analytics tools with the #1 event management platform on G2.

A Well-Integrated Conference Platform to Host Accepted Submissions

Collecting and accepting abstracts isn’t where the journey ends. From the abstract management platform, take all accepted submissions directly to your physical, virtual, or hybrid event. Showcase the quality content as presentations, posters, or live sessions and host an epic conference.

Host Conferences With the Leading Provider on G2

With 1400+ reviews, vFairs is rated 4.7 out of 5 on G2 with a majority raving about our incredible customer service. We don’t brag but our customers surely do!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our customers trust us to help them deliver a worthwhile experience to attendees no matter where they are. Use our conference hosting platform to connect, collaborate and empower like-minded people. Don’t take our word for it, hear it from our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does vFairs cost?

vFairs offers you the ability to pick and choose the features you want to host a conference that suits your budget. Bulk pricing is also available.

What kind of event marketing support does vFairs provide?

vFairs offers 360-degree event marketing support. We assist you with registrations through visually-rich landing pages, custom domains, email marketing templates, and more so that you can maximize the number of registrations for your conferences.

Can vFairs integrate with the platforms I already use?

vFairs provides integrations with a host of software including Marketo, Zapier, Hubspot, Zoom, Slido, Restream, and the list goes on!

How secure is my data with vFairs?

vFairs is ISO 27001 certified, GDPR compliant, and has a SOC-2 certificate, a high standard in data privacy regulations. vFairs works with high-profile organizations to run their conferences with the utmost security and privacy.

Can vFairs secure data over other servers?

Yes. For instance, if you're operating from the EU, vFairs will ensure to store data in EU servers.

How do you get started with vFairs?

To begin with vFairs, simply get a demo with us. A vFairs representative will walk you through the platform, and a few recent conferences we have done in the recent past and best guide you on how to host your conference.

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