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Attract the Right Talent With a Virtual Diversity Hiring Fair

A virtual diversity hiring fair is the perfect tool to support your diversity and inclusion recruiting initiatives. Expand your talent pool, share open roles, collect resumes and interact with qualified diversity candidates on a single platform.

Virtual Diversity Recruiting Fair Feature Set

All the right tools to attract, impress, engage and screen prospective employees and meet your diversity hiring goals.

Why Host a Virtual Diversity Fair with vFairs?

Cultivate a more vibrant and high-performing workforce. vFairs offers event organizers and employers the opportunity to remove hiring obstacles and biases. Share vacancies with a wider audience, screen resumes faster, and conduct initial interviews of the strongest diversity candidates.

Host Virtual Diversity Hiring Fair

Top Features of the vFairs Virtual Diversity Hiring Fair

Want unbiased placement of high-quality job candidates? Explore our most sought-after features for a virtual recruiting event.

Animated and Diverse Avatars

Wow attendees and promote inclusivity by populating your virtual venue with culturally diverse avatars. You can even choose animated avatars for your 3D lobby. Your exhibitors get to self-select avatars for their virtual booths.

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Data Capture

Create a branded landing page for your virtual diversity event with a custom registration form. Capture the candidate data you need to be able to shortlist candidates. Attendees can also upload resumes and supporting documents upon registration.

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Candidate Screening

Search and filter candidates to find the best people. Conduct screening interviews using audio and video chat. Remember to make notes and add tags to the candidates profiles. These can be downloaded later along with chat transcripts.

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Job Boards

Add open roles and job descriptions to each exhibit booth. Candidates can directly apply to the jobs when they visit the booth. Recruiters can also add resources such as perks and benefits brochures and employee testimonial videos to their booths.

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Diversity Hiring Event Microsite

Create an eye-catching and branded landing page that can turn your company into a talent magnet. Add all the content you need such as promotional videos and FAQs to drive interest. You can also promote your event with an email marketing campaign through vFairs.

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Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Diversity Hiring Fair with vFairs

Expand Talent Pool

Expose vacancies to a wider audience by making your fair highly accessible

Save Time

Save your team time by replacing the manual process of screening candidates

Eliminate Bias

Apply fair shortlisting criteria across all candidates with select filters

Build a Database

Collect resumes and easily migrate applicant data to your ATS

Enjoy Support

Experience end-to-end event support with the help of a dedicated project team

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up a virtual diversity hiring fair?

We recommend giving your team at least four weeks to set up a vFairs hiring fair. This includes everything from event planning and software onboarding to event design, content upload, and trial runs.

How long can a virtual hiring fair last?

Your vFairs virtual diversity hiring fair can stay live for as long as you like. That means you can also keep it live for up to a year by purchasing our yearly license.

How many attendees can vFairs support?

vFairs can support unlimited booths and attendee registrations.

How can I hire faster with a virtual hiring fair?

vFairs offers a single platform to meet global talent, share openings with a live job board, conduct interviews, and assess candidate skills with quizzes to remove biases.

Can I conduct interviews within a virtual hiring fair?

Yes, you can conduct both 1:1 and panel interviews through the vFairs diversity hiring fair. You can even search for candidates that meet your job requirements through the candidate search and auto-match making.

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