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Engage Top Talent with a Virtual Career Fair Platform

Connect with talent around the world in a branded virtual venue. Excite them about your employer brand via webinars & digital content. Accept resumés in real-time, find promising candidates & conduct live video interviews.

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Discover the Benefits of Our Virtual Career Fair Platform: A Video Walkthrough

In This Quick Demo You Will Find


  • Introduction to the Virtual Career Fair platform

  • Where your virtual career fair will take place

  • Your landing page

  • Custom registration form

  • Virtual Booths

  • Virtual Booth Features

  • Open Jobs

  • Virtual auditorium

  • Info desk Walkthrough

  • Reporting Panel Walkthrough

Complete Feature Set of the vFairs Virtual Career Fair Platform

Expand talent reach, increase visibility for open vacancies and bridge the gap between the company and potential employees with the help of a dynamic feature set.

Why Host a Virtual Career Fair?

A vFairs virtual career fair brings top talent from around the world to your doorstep and helps you shortlist the right candidates, faster.

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Top Features of the vFairs Virtual Career Fair Solution

Here’s a look at the features that have powered some of the most successful virtual career fairs out there.

Advertise Open Roles with the Live Job Board

Make the application process easier for candidates by showcasing all your openings with a live job board

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Search and Filter Resumes

Capture information that matters the most to your organization with customized registration forms. Then filter out candidates and find the best talent using the built in resume search.

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Schedule Audio & Video Interviews with Candidates

Meet with candidates and conduct interviews right within the vFairs platform. Let candidates book time with reps and let hosts schedule interviews with the custom scheduling tool.

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Intuitive Networking with Smart Matchmaking

Match candidates and recruiters with those who share similar interests. Share thoughts and chat through text, audio or video!

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Conduct Interactive Webinars

Use webinars and Q&A sessions to network with candidates. Pre-recorded & on-demand webinars make sure your audience doesn’t miss out on any important sessions.

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Communicate Clear Timelines with Chat Queuing

Provide candidates with transparent timelines for their wait time. Help recruiters keep track of ongoing and upcoming chats.

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Host Interactive Booths

Design customized booths for each department. Streamline your branding with custom graphics, job listings, links to social media pages and websites, and self-select virtual avatars.

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Socialize Flexibly with Spatial Networking

Connect and engage with other candidates in a flexible, virtual environment. Move around freely and enhance networking virtually.

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Build Relationships with Roundtables

Offer roundtables where candidates can connect with others and have meaningful conversations. Help attendees from far and wide interact with each other seamlessly!

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Benefits of the vFairs Virtual Career Fair Platform


Eliminate venue setup, catering, & accommodation costs

Global Talent Pool

Expand your reach & connect with talent outside your immediate region

Brand Recognition

Use branding spaces in the 3D venue while also mimicking your office

Remote Access

Enable candidates to participate & apply on the go from any device

Candidate Reports

Track attendance, candidate participation, career fair ROI and more 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up a virtual career fair?

We recommend giving your team at least four weeks to set up a vFairs virtual career fair. This includes everything from event planning and software onboarding to event design, content upload, and trial runs.

How long can a virtual career fair last?

Your vFairs virtual career fair can stay live for as long as you like. That means you can also keep it live throughout the year by purchasing our yearly license.

How many attendees can vFairs support?

vFairs can support unlimited booths and attendee registrations.

How can I hire faster with a virtual career fair?

vFairs offers a single platform to meet global talent, share all company openings with a live job board, conduct interviews, and assess candidate skills with quizzes. This helps reduce time-to-hire.

Can I conduct interviews within a virtual career fair?

Yes, you can conduct both 1:1 and panel interviews through the vFairs career fair. You can even search for candidates that meet your job requirements through the candidate search and auto-match making.