Earn a Flat 15% For Every Deal You
Bring In

It’s great to support your peers and advocate for better events through vFairs. But you know what’s really great? Saving money while you’re at it! Signup to become a vFairs Affiliate and get a flat 15% commission on every customer you bring in.

Make Some Noise About G2’s Favourite
Events Platform!

If you love the vFairs platform, you’re not alone! According to hundreds of reviews on G2, Capterra and SourceForge, vFairs is a 5-star product. As an affiliate, you’ll be helping event planners discover what thousands of happy customers already know.

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How it Works

It’s quick and easy to become a vFairs Affiliate. Just follow these three simple steps!

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    Join the program

      Click to register for the affiliate program. A vFairs rep will get back to you shortly to confirm you’re in!

  • promote-vfairs

    Promote vFairs

      Tell your peers and colleagues, friends and family to start getting the word out.

  • earn-comission

    Earn commission

      Make money for every deal you bring in. The larger the deal, the larger your cash payout!

Companies Who Love vFairs

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Commission Calculator

Bigger the deal, bigger the payout. Slide to the right to calculate your reward.

Pricing Logo
  • $10000
  • $15000
  • $30000
  • Package price: $

  • Commission: $1500

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is vFairs?

    vFairs is an all-in-one hybrid, in-person and virtual events platform that helps you host amazing events that delight audiences. The vFairs experience combines easy setup with dedicated end-to-end support so you can create incredible virtual experiences.

  • What are the benefits of virtual events?

    Virtual events have, over the years, proven to help a number of organizations across various industries achieve this goal. With the exceptional pros and the next-to-none cons, virtual events continue to benefit organizers. By organizing a virtual event you can:
    1. reach out to a global audience
    2. invite remote speakers
    3. save your time & money
    4. offer an immersive user experience
    5. track KPIs and ROIs, and individual attendee journeys

  • What are the different solution types?

    Virtual Conferences & Summits
    Virtual Trade Shows
    Virtual Exhibition
    Virtual Career Fairs
    Virtual Job Fairs
    Virtual Open Day
    Virtual Education Fairs
    Virtual Graduation Ceremony
    Virtual Benefits Fair

  • How much does it cost to be an affiliate?

    Nothing! vfairs affiliate program is completely free to signup & participate. And here is the best part, there are no minimum sales required to earn commission.

  • How long is the cookie life?

    The cookie life is 65 days. An affiliate will not get any commission If a lead converts anytime after the 65th day.

  • Will an affiliate be provided materials to help me promote vFairs?

    Yes, an affiliate will have access to all the educational collateral, videos, flyers, eBooks, blogs, case studies etc.

  • Are there any limitations in the program?

    Yes, a sale will not get attributed to the affiliate if the customer/lead already exist in our active sales process at the time of clicking on your affiliate link.

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