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Facilitate Easy Campus Hiring with vFairs Events Platform 

Leverage vFairs campus recruitment software to facilitate networking between graduating and final-year students with leading companies, streamlining job and internship placement.

Elevate Your Campus Recruitment Events with vFairs Cutting-Edge Event Technology

Check out some of the most impactful features that will help you enhance your next campus recruitment process with vFairs.

Why Host A Campus Recruiting Event with vFairs?

Use our platform as a central hub where students can interact with recruiters, and explore job and internship opportunities. Recruiting companies can effortlessly identify, and engage with top talent, schedule interviews, and meet their staffing requirements.

Host Campus Recruitment Event

Redefine The Event Experience with vFairs

Let employers post jobs on their booths and engage students. Easily check in, match and connect graduating students with recruiters through chat, Q&A and sessions.

Apply For Jobs Through The Job Board

Let graduating students seamlessly find opportunities listed on the job board on the mobile app and apply after engaging with booth representatives.

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Attract Candidates Through a Custom Landing Page

Showcase employer branding and elevate user experience with promotional videos, speaker bios, agendas, and sponsor info.

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Connect with Top Talent

Network 1:1 or in groups through audio, video or chat. Set up roundtables for users to share ideas in a small group setting.

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Capture Profiles Through QR Scanning

Employ QR codes to quickly retrieve and access the profiles of promising students, streamlining the process of gathering essential information.

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Enjoy 24/7 Dedicated Support

Our #1 rated customer support team has your back. From onboarding to post-event analytics, we help you get things done and ensure your campus recruitment event is a success.

Benefits of Hosting a Campus Recruitment Event with vFairs

Build Memorable Connections

Connect graduating students with hiring companies virtually or on-site.

All-in-one Event Management Platform

Let hiring companies track applicants from registration to hiring through a single platform.

Personalized Feedback

Collect immediate on-ground feedback on a personal level.

Go Green

Go paperless with digital marketing collateral.

Value For Sponsors

Grant visibility to your sponsors with the physical venue and mobile app.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Our customers trust us to help them deliver a worthwhile experience to attendees. Use our campus recruitment platform to connect graduating students with hiring companies. Don’t take our word for it, hear it from our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is campus recruitment?

Campus recruitment serves as a crucial bridge between educational institutions and the workforce, helping students kickstart their careers while providing employers with a pool of fresh talent. It's a win-win strategy for both students seeking job opportunities and companies looking for promising young professionals.

What is virtual recruiting software?

Virtual recruiting software is a technology solution that streamlines the entire recruitment and campus hiring process in a virtual environment. It encompasses candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, job posting, video interviews, data analytics, and more, making it easier for employers to find and hire talent while providing candidates with a user-friendly and efficient application experience.

What are the benefits of a student recruitment software?

Student recruitment platform software provides students with direct access to a wide array of job and internship opportunities, simplifying the job search process and expanding their career horizons. Additionally, campus hiring software often facilitates interactions with top companies, allowing students to network, gain industry insights, and receive valuable feedback during interviews.

What features does the university recruiting platform offer to help employers?

The campus recruiting solution for universities offers a range of features to assist employers in their recruitment efforts. These include the ability to create and customize employer profiles to showcase their brand, post job openings, and access a pool of qualified student candidates. Employers can also schedule virtual interviews, track candidate interactions and applications, and receive tailored recommendations to find the ideal candidates quickly. Additionally, the college recruiting software provides valuable analytics and reporting tools to assess the effectiveness of their recruitment campaigns.

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