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Host a Virtual Onboarding Fair In Hong Kong

Set Your New Employees Up for Success With a Virtual Onboarding Fair

Introduce office & remote employees to your company culture, host training sessions, and offer a space to connect virtually - wherever they may be!

The vFairs Virtual Onboarding Fair Platform Feature Set

Our employee onboarding software features make employee onboarding fast, accessible, and easy to track.

Why Host a Virtual Onboarding Fair?

A virtual onboarding fair is the perfect way to integrate new hires based anywhere into your company. Provide your most valuable asset with high quality and accessible training.

Host Virtual Onboarding Fair

Top Features of Our Virtual Onboarding Fair Platform

Our features are designed around the needs of today’s employees. Here’s a look at the heart of what’s powering our virtual onboarding fairs.

Welcome Employees with Custom Graphics and Videos

Create a 3D design of your headquarters, and host a popup video in your virtual lobby to make your employees feel more connected to their new employer.

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Manage Security with Login Features

Make the event accessible only to your new employees. Identify which credentials should gain access to your event, and offer 2-factor authentication for an added level of security.

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Host Live, Semi-Live or On-Demand Webinars

Host live presentations, or upload on-demand webinars your employees can watch on their own time. Manage a Q&A section within the webinar where employees can ask questions about your company.

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Track Training Progress

Review individual user journeys in order to track how much of their training is completed. Send reminders to those who have yet to complete mandatory sessions.

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Benefits of Using the vFairs Virtual Onboarding Fair Platform

On-Demand Training

Offer instant access to webinars, videos, training guides and more

Global Employee Reach

Onboard employees remotely so they can join from any part of the world

All-Year-Round Access

Keep your event live so employees can access materials as needed

Brand Building

Promote your brand with a virtual office, logos & eye-catching visuals

Engagement Metrics

Track engagement & training progress with advanced reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up a virtual onboarding fair?

We recommend giving your team at least four weeks to set up a vFairs virtual onboarding fair. This includes everything from event planning and software onboarding to event design and content upload.

How long should a virtual onboarding be?

Your virtual onboarding can span over weeks and months, completely in line with your current practices. You can also keep the platform live all year round to cater to new employees as you hire them.

How can I conduct a virtual onboarding?

Welcome new hires to your virtual office once they log in to the portal. Offer a virtual office tour, set up meetings with other employees, share resources through the resource vault, set up trainings and sessions, and track the completion of each goal.

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