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vFairs Virtual Event Platform is Built to Host 100 to 10,000+ Attendees

An impressive tech stack and immersive features for big, small, or massive virtual trade shows, conferences, internal company events, hiring fairs, and more! Pick from our best-in-class features to create custom online events that works for you.

Create Memorable Virtual Event Experiences for Attendees with vFairs Virtual Event Management Solutions

Reach a global audience with our virtual event software that offers an immersive 3D environment. Boost engagement with features like audio and video chat, Spatial Networking, smart matchmaking, live feed, breakout rooms, networking lounge, and roundtables.

Host Engaging Virtual Speaker Sessions

Who says webinars are boring? With vFairs virtual event platform, take your webinar fatigue away with realistic 3D designs, a speaker hub, interactive activities, video integrations, and multiple presentation options. Host live Q&As and run polls within live webinars to glue attendees to their screens.


Online Event Analytics at Your Fingertips

You can track everything that’s happening at your virtual event with event analytics and reporting modules available in vFairs virtual event solution. Get real-time data on event logins and registrations, download event reports, find out what attendees love about your event, and track booth visits. There are separate dashboards for event organizers and exhibitors for easy and direct access to relevant event data.

Market Your Virtual Events Like a Pro

Get your hands on tools and features for a complete virtual event management solution. Design a customized landing page to get registration details and make a great first impression on attendees. Use the email builder to plan and send out email campaigns to various user segments and seamlessly integrate the platform with the CRM of your choice.

Bridge the Gap Between Exhibitors and Attendees

Get your creative hat on and design branded exhibit halls, exhibit booths, and avatars to create a white-labeled event through our online event platform. Encourage networking between booth reps and attendees with text, video, and audio group and private chats.

Boost Productivity by Integrating with Popular Apps

Move your data to the vFairs virtual event platform through integrations with CRMs, marketing platforms, recruitment software, and more. We can integrate with over 2000 popular applications to make your life as an event host much easier.

Make Your Virtual Event Fun and Engaging with Gamification

Ignite the competition within your virtual events with virtual leaderboards, scavenger hunts, spin the wheel, and trivia games. Boost attendee engagement and incentivize participation with bragging rights, certifications, or sponsored gifts.

Virtual Conferences, Career Fairs &
Trade Shows - You Name It!


Virtual Conference

Foster connection & collaboration between your attendees, speakers and sponsors through a vFairs virtual conference. With incredible networking features, flexible and interactive presentation options, and engaging in-event activities, your conference is sure to be a hit!

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Virtual Trade Show

Connect exhibitors to buyers from around the world with a vFairs virtual trade show. Our interactive and lifelike virtual exhibit booths allow exhibitors to showcase products and services, connect easily with new leads, and kickstart the sales process from right within the event!

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Virtual Career Fair

Expand your reach to global candidates with our all-in-one virtual career fair platform. We offer features that take you from resume search to hiring, and everything in between. Find candidates that match your criteria, host in-event screening calls and interviews, and hire on the spot!

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Virtual Job Fair

Connect employers and candidates worldwide with our multifunctional virtual job fair platform. Give employers visibility throughout the event in order to attract candidates to their open roles. Employers can search & connect with candidates, and hire right on the spot!

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Virtual Open Day

Get prospective students excited about your school with an immersive virtual open day. Showcase your campus through custom designs and 3D virtual tours, share important information about programs and student services, and network to build better connections!

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Virtual Onboarding Fair

Integrate new hires seamlessly from anywhere in the world with an interactive virtual onboarding fair. Create a custom-branded virtual venue after your own headquarters, set up training webinars, share documentation and track progress of each employee’s onboarding process!

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Virtual Exhibition Fair

Set up a beautiful, immersive showcase using vFairs’s virtual exhibition fair platform. Host virtual tours, showcase artwork and exhibits, and interact with audiences worldwide through Q&A, chat and interactive webinars.

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Virtual Summit

Bring experts worldwide together to solve important challenges through a vFairs virtual summit. Host interactive webinars, publish research posters & poster presentations, host breakout rooms and roundtable discussions, and keep notes to revisit following the event.

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Virtual Benefits Fair

Connect employees with benefits providers

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Virtual Education Fair

Connect schools with students from around the world

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Virtual Food Show

Connect global vendors, distributors and buyers

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Virtual Product Launch

Tap into new markets from around the globe

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Virtual Diversity Hiring Fair

Attract the Right Talent With a Virtual Diversity Hiring Fair

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Virtual Graduation

Celebrate a milestone with students and family

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Virtual Housing Fair

Connect global students with local property agents

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What is a virtual event platform?

A virtual event platform is a tool that enables you to set up online events. Common features of a virtual event software include a virtual environment with an exhibit hall, a virtual auditorium, and networking tools.

How do virtual event platforms work?

Online event platforms facilitate digital experiences by creating an immersive online environment that mirrors an in-person event. They have built-in features for creating webinars, custom booths, polls & surveys, gamification, and other interactive elements.

How much does it cost to host a virtual event with vFairs?

The cost of hosting a virtual event with vFairs can depend on a number of factors including the scale of your event and the features you choose to add. Get in touch with us for pricing on our virtual platform for events of all kinds and sizes.

Does vFairs offer a free trial?

No, vFairs does not offer a free trial but you can book a demo with us any time for more details.

How do I host a virtual event?

You can start by setting event goals and then look for a virtual event platform that will help you achieve them. Find sponsors and speakers for your event and begin promoting to get registrations. Debrief with post-event analytics and factor in attendee feedback through polls and Q&As.

How to run a successful virtual event?

Running a successful virtual event can depend a lot on the virtual events company you are hosting with. Read reviews on third-party sites like G2 & Capterra and make stellar customer support a top priority when choosing a virtual events platform.

Virtual Events: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

Conferences, trade shows, career fairs, and seminars are widespread in the majority of businesses and large organizations.

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